Saint Stephen's Day
Saint Stephen's Day

Saint Stephen's Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

St. Stephen's Day, also known as the Feast of St. Stephen, is a bank holiday in Ireland that is celebrated on December 26th. This day commemorates the life and legacy of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

202326 DecSt Stephen's DayTuesday
202426 DecSt Stephen's DayThursday
202526 DecSt Stephen's DayFriday
202626 DecSt Stephen's DaySaturday

In Ireland, St. Stephen's Day is a time for family, friends, and loved ones to come together to celebrate and honor the memory of St. Stephen. Many people attend church services and participate in special religious observances to mark the occasion.

In addition to religious celebrations, St. Stephen's Day is also a time for traditional Irish customs and activities. One popular tradition is the Wren Boy parade, where people dress up in colorful costumes and go door-to-door singing and collecting money for charity. Another tradition is the hunting of the wren, an old Irish custom where people would go out into the countryside to hunt and capture small birds, often the wren, to symbolize the capture of St. Stephen.

St. Stephen's Day is also a time for great food and drink, as many Irish families prepare a special meal or feast to celebrate the occasion. Some common St. Stephen's Day foods include turkey, ham, and mince pies, along with traditional Irish dishes like colcannon and boxty.

Despite all the traditions and customs, the main purpose of the St. Stephen's Day bank holiday is to honor the memory of the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen, and to come together with loved ones to celebrate his life and legacy